Thoughts on Independence

The topic of independence has always been a tricky one for me. My parents have always been very protective of me. it does become harder the older I get. This has impacted me in two major ways. The first, is not being able to go places on my own. The second is in learning cooking skills

I received orientation and mobility training at the end of college and learned how to use a white cane. My parents were still not comfortable with letting me take the subway on my own. i eventually was allowed when I was taking part in my internship. This freedom ended a few years later when i changed directions in life and decided to look for work i could do from home. My parents worry a lot about me. They worry if I even go down the block.

I was never shown how to cookwhile I was growing up and my parents worry when I try to do anything in the kitchen. I have a desire to learn but no real support. I know I would be able to cook but I do not have a chance to learn.

This has been a frustrating situation for me. I feel like I have not grown up. I hope to become more independent in the near future.

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