Why Having a Schedule and Routine is so Important in Life

an organizer calendar/schedule -
Photo Source: kaboompics on pixabay

I believe that things are done best when they are done in order. I believe that having a routine and a schedule is important to be successful in life. Here are three reasons why having a schedule is a crutial part of daily life.

    First, a schedule helps you stay focussed, at least it is very helpful for me. I am someone that thrives when I have a schedule to follow. I had gone straight to college after graduating high school so I have always been use to following a schedule. I faced a hard challenge when I suddenly found myself at home each day while I was searching for work and had nothing much to do during the day. This quickly took a toll on me and I found that I had lost all focus and direction in life and was completely lost. I was not doing anything productive with my life. I knew that I had to make a change and now that i am starting to impliment a schedule and create a routine things have greatly improved for me.

    The second reason why having a schedule is important is that it serves as motivation to get things done. I find that I get a feeling of accomplishment when I can say that I have completed the tasks on my schedule. A schedule gives me something to look ahead to each day since these days I spend the majority of my time at home I would lose my mind without a routine.

    The third reason to have a schedule is to bring structure and organization to your day. Organization and structure will lead to success. I find that a schedule helps me get more done and gives my day a sence of order.

    I will share my routine and schedule in an upcoming post but I hope that this post will inspire you to make a schedule for yourself and help you have more productive days.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.


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