5 of My Favorite Podcasts

Image shows a headphones icon.

I enjoy listening to podcasts and I want to share 5 podcasts you may find interesting.

1. Radio Lab

I usually listen to Radio Lab on WNYC radio. I learn a lot each time as they discuss interesting topics. You can listen to the podcast on Spottify.

2. The Moth

In this podcast you will hear people from all walks of life tell their stories in front of a live audience.

3. Selected Shorts

This podcast features short stories read by actors. They make the stories come to life.


4. Snap Judgement

Let’s just continue with the storytelling trend we are on. I enjoy this podcast because it brings stories to life by adding a cool soundtrack that helps to further draw you in to each story.

5. The Jamie Grace Podcast

I think I should add something a little different in case you are not that interested in storytelling. In this podcast Jamie Grace discusses topics related to life, love and friendship from a Christian point of view. I have learned a lot from her.

I hope that you will give these podcasts a listen. Let me know which one is your favorite.

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