Reflections: The Power of Community

silhouettes of people in a group. .
Photo by geralt via Pixabay

It seems that in a blink of an eye the world has flipped upside down. Now social distancing is the big rule to follow. This time has made me realize how much I miss community.

I must say that I am someone who usually keeps to myself and I dont have many friends but I am learning that community is very necessary.

I was struggling with something and had hesitated to ask for prayer for a while. I finally decided to turn to my friend group on my Bible app and asked for prayer. I saw God move in a big way.

I truly miss being part of an actual church and I am praying to find friends in person to grow close with in the Lord. Community is extremely important and may we not forget this in this time of distancing. Virtual meetings are great but I realize in person meetings can’t be replaced.

I will just add that we must do things safely as this virus is still very much around us and we must take all precautions. Let us not forget to gather once it is safe to do so.


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