People with Disabilities still Battle Discrimination when it Comes to Using Uber and Lyft

City street with cars in traffic -
Photo by free-photos via Pixabay

The arrival of Uber and Lyft have helped to fill the gap when it comes to the lack of transportation but people with disabilities have been left to face discrimination when it comes to this form of transportation.

Wheelchair users and those that are blind or have low vision are most impacted due to a lack of accessibility and understanding. This article explains how challenging it can be at times for a wheelchair user to get an Uber or Lyft. It can take more than twice as long to get a ride for a wheelchair user.

Those that are blind or have low vision and use a guide dog also face discrimination. There have been many complaints of drivers canceling the ride when they realize the person has a guide dog. Here is one example.

People with disabilities must have equal access to these ride services. They are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I want to continue to bring awareness to this issue because drivers need to be educated on this topic. I think that a solution could be to have a category that riders could select that would identify them as wheelchair users or that they have a guide dog. Drivers could sign up to a category that accepts dogs and the same process for wheelchairs. There has been legal action taken regarding this issue and there have been some improvements but more can be done.

Let us all continue to battle discrimination against people with disabilities.


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