Tools that Help Me as a Visually Impaired Person

October is Blindness Awareness Month and today I want to share some of the tools that make my life easier as a visually impaired person. I hope that this will be helpful. These tools work in the workplace as well.

1. Sharpy Marker

I can no longer see the ink from regular pens or pencils. I need a lot of contrast to be able to see things so a black bold marker stands out and I can see what I am writing. These days I only ever write on paper when I am making a greeting card.

2. Glasses

I need to use a very high prescription when it comes to my glasses so they make my eyes look very big. My glasses help me see objects and people but I cannot see small details.

3. A White Cane

Image is of a white cane – Photo via Wikipedia

I use a white cane even though I have some usable vision. The white cane helps me detect curves and steps and objects that may be in my path. The cane also alerts others that I cannot see them so well. I use it when I am out on my own for safety reasons and it is a very helpful tool for me.

4. A Smart Phone

I use the screen reader and magnification accessibility options on my phone. I use TalkBack on Android. I am thankful for these accessibility options because they allow me to access my phone independently. I access my computer in the same way.

Share Your Tools

Feel free to share the tools that help you each day whether you have a disability or not. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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