Reflections: To a Joyful End

Getting saved from hell is easy, you only need to believe on Jesus Christ and admit you have sinned and call upon him to save you. However, being a follower is not so easy, going against the current culture can be hard. I wrote this poem to encourage myself on my journey as I follow Jesus. I wrote it to remind myself to keep my focus on the fact that no matter what I face in this life I will see Jesus at the end. This is a fact for every believer.

To a Joyful End (Original Poem)

To choose the road that's far less chosen.
To tread the course alone at times.
Forgetting what's behind
going forward instead.
For waiting as I go,
to reach the precious end.
I strive to follow through,
You've opened the path for me.
as I've put my trust on you
I know one day I’ll see.
You Jesus waiting there for me
where my joy will be complete!
To a Joyful End poem text is bordered by a gold oval

I hope that this will be an encouragement to you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

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