5 of My Favorite YouTube Channels

Text reads favorite YouTube Channels

I no longer watch television but I do watch a lot of YouTube videos. Here are 5 of my favorite channels. I like to watch a variety of things and i will be sharing more in the future.

Agenda-Free TV

When it comes to news coverage this is my favorite channels. This channel covers breaking news and other news alerts. The viewers get to write in and get their comments read live on air. As the channel name implies, the coverage is unbiased. I learn a lot and enjoy the coverage and I learn a lot each time.

This Gathered Nest

I love this family and how diverse they are. They have 8 children, six of which are adopted. They have recently moved and are building up a small hobby farm. I love keeping up with all the animals. They have horses, lamas, pigs, goats, rabbits and a dog. This is a family friendly channel that everyone can enjoy.

The Frey Life

The Frey Life chronicles the daily lives of Mary and Peter Frey. Mary has cystic fibrosis and she shares her challenges and victories through life. Peter is a wonderful example of a great husband as he and Mary work as a team facing life together. Their videos teach me to find joy in the small moments each day.

Dianna with two Ns

You will find a bit of everything on this channel. She discusses various topics related to living with low vision as well as other lifestyle topics.

Gabriella Mendonca

Gabriella loves all aspects related to the performing arts. On her channel she discusses topics related to blindness and she also performs song covers sharing her wonderful voice.

Some extra thoughts

I hope you can check out these channels. Let me know what your favorite channels are in the comments below. I am always on the look out for more YouTube channels to watch.


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