Spotlight: Goalball – A Team Sport for Those who are Blind or Have Low Vision

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Goalball is a sport specifically created for those who are blind or have low vision. It seems similar to football as the opposite team’s objective is to get the ball in the other team’s goal. The ball is thrown but never kicked. The ball is outfitted with bells to help the players locate the ball.

This sport has grown in popularity over time and it has also reached Olympic status.

Goalball became a part of the Paralympics in 1976. Here is a better explanation of how it is played.

In 2011 the World Goalball Association was formed and there are 81 nations represented.

I think it is interesting that all players must play blindfolded. This truly forces each player to rely on their other senses and not on the little vision they may have left. It really levels the playing field.

I hope that more blind or visually impaired people will consider taking part in this sport. I think it is a great way to find community and participating in team sports can help a person grow in many ways.

You can find out more about goalball and how to join a local team within the United States here.

If you live outside of the United States check with your local association for blind athletes for information.


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