What I Eat in a Day: Get Some Meal Ideas

Text reads some meal ideas. Top image shows a half eaten waffle sandwich. Image on the bottom left is of a pizza. Image on the bottom right shows salmon and rice.

Have you ever found yourself stuck wondering what to eat? I have been there more than one time. Well today I have three meal ideas for you as I share what I eat in a day. I chronicled my meals on Tuesday February 2nd. I hope this will give you some ideas for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner.

Waffles for breakfast with a twist

Image shows a half eaten waffle that has peanut butter in it as a sandwich. There is a bronze cup with orange juice in it.

Yes, I know waffles sound like a basic meal, but give this a try. I do use the frozen ready to eat waffles because i am not fancy enough to make my own. The twist is that I add peanut butter and turn it into a sandwich. I will also use nutella instead of peanut butter once in a while. I like this with blueberry waffles. This day I had it with some orange juice along with some water.

Salmon for lunch

Image shows salmon and white rice.

On this day i had salmon and white rice for lunch. This is actually one of my favorite meals. The salmon has onions and ginger and it is baked. I just had water to drink this time. I also like having broccoli on the side but I only had rice this time.

Snack time

I had a half of a rice cake as a snack. I did not take a photo of this. I am trying to eat healthy but I love all of the sweet treats. My favorite snack is any kind of cookie. I think a rice cake is a more healthy choice. 

Pizza for dinner

Image shows a slice of thin crust sausage pizza.

For dinner i had thin crust sausage pizza. It was very good. I usually eat a smaller meal for dinner and have my larger meal at lunch. I had water to drink like I usually do.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you got some meal ideas for when you run out of ideas. I am not a cook so I have to thank my mother for making the salmon and rice. I am hoping to learn to cook in the future. I would most likely make most of my food on the George Foreman grill. Share your favorite meals or what you ate today below.


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