Valentine’s Day: Do you Go Big or Stay Low-key?

Text reads valentine's day go big or Low-key. Question mark. There is a cluster of candy hearts below the text with bottom part of text over a part of the hearts.

Valentine’s Day has evolved into a big romantic day over time. It is that special time of year when the fancy dresses and suits get taken out of storage and fancy dinners are had at fancy restaurants. This is the day when all the chocolate and candy is most popular and let’s not forget about the flowers.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day has become much bigger than it should be. I think that when you are in a relationship you should treat every day as if it were Valentine’s Day. I am not in a relationship but if i was I would want a low-key day on Valentine’s Day and would not make a big deal about it. I am someone that prefers to stay home and am not a big fan of restaurants. I do enjoy chocolates but something small would be fine with me.

I also want to add that this day is also a time to celebrate friendships. If you have been given the opportunity to find a great friend or group of friends do not take them for granted.

Do you celebrate big or stay low-key? Share your opinion in the comments below. 


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