Reflections: A Wonderful Friendship

Text reads Reflections a wonderful friendship. Text is on a white background. There is a border around the text showing a texture of folded paper.

This month is sometimes considered the month of love and friendship due to Valentine’s Day being on the 14th of February. This month can also remind some people of the fact that they are alone if they are not near family and friends. This pandemic has only increased the number of people that are feeling lonely.

There is a cure to this feeling of loneliness. Jesus Christ is the answer. He is available to be a friend and is available at all times. When you put your faith in him and ask him to save you from hell forgiving you of your sin he then becomes your closest friend. The hymn “What a Friend we have in Jesus” is a great reminder of this friendship.

Jesus Christ is the one we must go through to reach God. God listens to our prayer when we have trusted in his son Jesus Christ. Jesus cleans our sins and he also takes on our sorrow. He is a constant friend. He understands the pain we face on this earth and he can relate to us with any issue we face in life.  

He is there to give peace and rest. He is there to comfort us in the hard moments. 

When you feel sad or alone like no one understands remember this hymn and let it encourage you. If you are in a season without friends Jesus is there for you and he is available at every hour of the day or night. Take heart things will get better.

Photo credit: the image forming the border (not including the text) is by Marketplace Designers


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