Loom Knitting is Fun, Accessible and Relaxing

Image shows round and rectangular looms of various colors and sizes  with 2 balls of yarn. Text reads loom knitting is fun, accessible & relaxing.

I discovered loom knitting several years ago. I heard about it on an audio post. I had tried knitting with knitting needles before but I had trouble catching on. I found that loom knitting was more fitting for me. I learned how to loom knit from YouTube videos.

Loom knitting became a very enjoyable activity for me when i was at a point in life with a lot of free time. I enjoy each time i can create something out of a ball of yarn.

Loom knitting is a very tactile craft and you can do everything by touch. I am visually impaired and I find the tactile aspect very helpful. I know there are many blind people that can knit with needles but the loom is the best choice for me. It is a very accessible tool.

The very action of doing similar motions around the loom is very relaxing for me. It also is a lot of fun when I complete an item and can wear it and get good use out of it. Here are some of the things I have made.

2 sets of long fingerless gloves 1 is green 1 is a purple burgundy  color. There is a green hat with a black brim. There are 2 ear warmers 1 is purple burgundy  and the other is black and red.

I have also made scarves and a dress for a doll among other things. I hope to make more items in the near future. If you would like to try loom knitting I suggest you start by watching this video and you can start your first project.

Let me know what helps you relax and what is your favorite hobby? Give loom knitting a try you may find another fun way to relax and get some accessories at the same time.


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