My Experience Learning Greek (Part 2)

Image description: The Greek alphabet is typed out in 3 lines. The letters are in white on a black background.

I became interested in the Greek language a few years ago. I started my journey to learn the language back then but I ran into some road blocks and kind of gave up.

I have recently resumed my study of the Greek language. My goal is to learn modern Greek as well as Koine Greek which is what the New Testament of the Bible is written in,. Koine is not that different, it is an older version of the Greek language the way old english is to modern English.

I found a great audio version of the New Testament read in Greek. The reader does a good job at reading it at a good pace where I can follow along and hear every word. Here is the playlist.

I am still at the early stages so what I do now is that I read one chapter in English then I read it in Greek. I have made it through the book of John.

I use a screen reader that converts text to speech or audiobooks because I am not able to see regular print. It has been interesting to learn a language only using audio.

I can see large print but my one useful eye gets tired after a short period of time.

I have also found this helpful playlist with lessons on learning Greek using the Bivle.

I will try to update you on my journey and if I improve. I find that my background as helped me understand some Greek words. Stay tuned to see how far I get.


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