Reflections: Are You Ready for the Future?

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Image is a close up of a dark gray cloudy sky.
Text on image reads are you ready for the future?
Background image is by Sourav Mishra from Pexels via the Canva library

Are you ready for the future? Do you have a safety net? The recent 7.2 M earthquake in Haiti and the developments in Afghanistan and the wildfires in California and this ongoing virus are a strong reminder of the uncertain days we live in. 

I am a Christian, and I believe in the Bible, and the Bible tells of a future time when all these events will pale in comparison to what is to come. Imagine the Haiti earthquake occurring in many cities around the world all at once. Imagine wildfires starting all around the world at the same time. Imagine 100 pound hail coming down around you. This is all part of the wrath of God that will one day come upon this earth upon all those who were not gathered up at Jesus Christ’s second coming (this is also known as the rapture). 

Photo description
Image shows destruction rubble in streets
Photo is by angelo_giordano via Pixabay
Photo description
Image is of a wildfire in a  forest
Photo is by sippakorn via Pixabay

Read Revelation 8 and Revelation 16 for more details.

Times will be hard before the rapture. Believers will still face severe persecution, there will be world war and famine and an increase in earthquakes (read Matthew 24) but not as bad as what happens after it.

Watch these videos to learn more.

The only way to be ready for the future is to trust in Jesus Christ and be saved. God will protect his children. 

Hard times are ahead but if we are on God’s side we can face anything, even death. 


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