Reflections: Change Can Be a Good Thing

Photo Description
Text reads change can be a good thing. Background is a yellow brown

In the United States where I live, autumn begins on Wednesday. This season reminds me that change can be a good thing sometimes. Yes some things are lost or stripped away but so much beauty is there at the same time.

This is a time to leave the past behind and to embrace the beauty that is ahead.

I wrote this poem years ago on this thought.

Autumn (Original Poem)

Leaves fall, autumn arrives.
Change is coming time flies by.
Colors move from shade to shade
Change is coming though its time it takes.

The autumn feel, the wind so crisp.
A new beginning as the past falls away.
Change is coming soon
Watch the colors as they change.The song that autumn plays
A song announcing change
See the beauty in the leaves
The beauty in the shades.

Photo Description
Photo shows leaves and foliage on a path on an autumn day
Image is by Free-Photos via Pixabay

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