Reflections: Start the Year Off with a Hopeful Heart

The word hope is in bold white letters on a red background lit by a flash of light. Start the new year with #hope Jesus Christ brings true hope and life

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYoNE!!! I hope you are doing well and are ready to face 2022. It seems like a dark cloud has been hovering over the world since 2020. We have faced many changes and we have lost loved ones, it has been a very hard few years. 

Now it is time to dust off the sorrow and start 2022 off with a heart full of hope. Here are some things you can do that will help you have hope in these times.

Get saved

The truth is that all our hope is found in Jesus Christ. God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save those who put their trust in him. The most hopeless part of this life is that we all are fallen into sin and on the path to eternity in hell. But, God made a way for anyone to escape hell. You may ask what can be done to escape hell? Well the bad news is that we on our own can not do anything to save ourselves. The truth is that good deeds will not help you, you would have to be perfect and none of us are. 

The good news is that Jesus Christ is perfect. He came and joined humanity and lived a sinless life then he was crucified taking our place. His blood was enough to cleanse our sins and clear our way into heaven. The way to get your ticket into heaven is by putting all your trust in what Jesus has done. He did not remain dead but he rose to life on the third day and is in heaven today. Call upon him and ask him to save you from hell. He will hear you and forgive you of your sin and you will be cleared to enter heaven. 

Salvation is the foundation for hope in this world.

Focus on eternity in heaven

When we focus on what we have to look forward to in heaven we can use that joy and peace as a shield to face any situation here on this earth.

Find your refuge in God

Hard times should point you to God because he is the only refuge. He will not fail you.

A silhouette of a woman praying. #hope #prayer #life
Photo is by waldryano via Pixabay

Pray to God be near to him and he will guide you through the good and bad times.

Guard your mind

The news is filled with doom and gloom. Take a break from all that doom scrolling and focus on positive things especially when starting your day. Read your bible in the morning, fill your mind with the word of God. This will be a shield for you when you face the sad news during the day. 

Some extra thoughts

Self-help books will only leave you hopeless. We as humans will fail but God will not fail. He is faithful forever. Find your hope in him today. 

I hope this song encourages you today.


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