10 Hobbies you can Enjoy at Home

Image shows a guitar, a knitting loom with yarn connected to it and a shortwave radio. Text reads fun hobbies you can enjoy at home.

Are you a homebody or do you prefer to be out and about? Well, whether you are a homebody or not this pandemic has forced many to spend a lot more time at home. I know it can be hard to adjust to being home more often and it can become boring very quickly. I am a homebody myself and this has been my lifestyle even before the lockdowns. Today I want to share 10 hobbies that you can enjoy from home. 

1. Read

These days there are many ways to read a book. You can curl up with your favorite book on the couch or listen to an audiobook. Audiobooks are also great for multi-tasking. Listen to an audiobook while folding clothes or washing dishes and your task will be much more enjoyable. 

One tip I can give you is to start your day off by reading or listening to the Bible. The word of God will change your life and will help you have a positive beginning to your day.


Keeping a journal is a good way to release your stress and express your thoughts. Writing may be very enjoyable for you. Writing can be a fun and creative way to spend your time. Write a short story or a poem, you could even write an entire novel. You may even want to start a blog. 

A notebook is open to a blank page. #hobbies #writing #journaling
Photo is by Markusspiske via Pixabay

Start a garden

You do not need a large space to start a garden. In fact, you can grow plants and vegetables indoors year round. Gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby and you can have a delicious reward. Those who have a yard can go big and enjoy a large garden. 

Work on a craft

Working on a craft such as knitting or sewing or even woodworking can fill many hours of your day. You can even make some extra money from home by selling your creations. 

A knitting loom with green yarn attached to it. #hobbies #loomknitting

I enjoy loom knitting, it helps me relax and I have even made gifts for family members. 

Learn to play an instrument

It is never too late to learn to play an instrument. There are many resources available online that you can use to teach yourself and now there are many teachers that offer virtual lessons. 

A guitar is on a bed. #hobbies #guitar

I have been trying to learn to play the guitar for years and I want to get back to practicing. I have taken lessons in person but I have also found many helpful videos on youTube that I am using to improve my guitar playing from home. There are also many helpful apps out there as well that can help you learn to play an instrument.

Learn a language

Learning a new language is a good way to give your brain a workout. Learning something new is a good way to spend your time. Those of you who do like to get out there and travel can make use of this new skill during your travels.

I am currently learning modern Greek. I hope to use my knowledge of modern Greek to learn Koine Greek in the future.

Learn to cook

There is something about a home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients that you can’t get anywhere else. Take this time at home to practice cooking. Take the time to experiment and try out a new meal. There are many helpful videos and easy to follow recipes online. You may even discover a new dish to add to your favorites. 

Work on a puzzle 

Working on puzzles is another way to keep your brain active and to keep boredom away. I would suggest you start with an easy puzzle to avoid the frustrating aspect that may come with a 1000 piece puzzle, have fun with that one. 

9. Listen to shortwave radio

Shortwave radio is a radio signal that is transmitted using shortwave frequencies. This allows the signal to reach much further distances than other radio signals. Shortwave radios can pick up stations from all around the world.

A small handheld shortwave radio. #shortwave #radio #hobby

In order to listen to shortwave radio you do need a radio that is specifically made to pick up shortwave radio signals. These radios are widely available at affordable prices. I have one myself (seen in the photo above) and I enjoy searching for stations. I have heard stations out of Cuba and Greece. You can also listen to some shortwave stations online.

10. Watch documentaries

Documentaries are a fun way to learn something new. PBS has some interesting documentaries. I like watching documentaries on history and Christianity and nature.

Some extra thoughts

I hope these ideas will help you stay entertained in a safe and fun way at home. What are some of your favorite hobbies? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “10 Hobbies you can Enjoy at Home

  1. I used to watch so many documentaries at one point in my life that I realised it was pretty much all I was watching ha ha ha. Taking up a craft is always a good idea as it’ll allow you to express your creativity

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