Reflections: Where is your Final Destination?

The word warning is in bold black letters outlined in orange on a black background. Hell is a real place of everlasting punishment. Where is your final destination?  #hell #heaven #salvation Jesus Christ saves.

Here is a fact, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. This life is a gift. Here is another fact, death is not the end. Hell is a real place and heaven is a real place and they are both everlasting. The question that you must ask yourself is where is your final destination. 

A scene of a forest with trees with sunlight lighting a path. #heaven #hell #salvation Jesus Christ saves
Photo is by jplenio via Pixabay

There is life after death but it is not reincarnation. You will be raised from the dead. Read more about this here.

A person who goes to hell will feel pain burning in this place filled with fire for eternity.

God made a way for anyone to go to heaven. He does not send anyone to hell, a person chooses this destination by rejecting God. God sent his son Jesus Christ to save you from hell. We are all sinners and on a the path to hell and only Jesus Christ can save us. Watch the video below.

This is a serious warning, your time to choose your destination ends at your death. Hell is a real place of everlasting punishment. Choose heaven now before it is too late.


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