Reflections: Life Lessons from Proverbs Chapter 1

The word wisdom appears on a black background. There is an icon of a gift box underneath. The text and icon are in gold.
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Is there really a step-by-step guide to live life, or do we just make it up as we go? Well as a Christian I believe that the Bible is my guide to make it through this life. The Bible is a large collection of books but there is one book that has very helpful advice for living life. I enjoy reading the book of proverbs because it helps me stay on the correct path in life. Here are 3 life lessons I have learned from Proverbs chapter 1.

1. I must honor my father and mother

I have learned that I must respect and honor my mother and father. This is not only true as a child but it applies to my time as an adult as well. I must obey my parents as a child but now as an adult I am able to make my own decisions in my own life but it is important to still consider the opinion of a parent since they are more experienced in life. I believe that honoring your parents also means that I must be there for them in their old age.

2. I must stay away from bad influences

I have learned that it is important to choose friends wisely. The people you surround yourself with will eventually influence you in some way and the bad influences will usually win. I have tried to change people before but I have learned that only God can change them. I have learned that I should surround myself with people who want to do the correct things in life and who want to obey God. Bad influences are a trap and lead to destruction.

A spider web appears on a dark background
Photo is by bstad via Pixabay

Bad influences are like a spider web, and you don’t want to get caught in one.

3. I must seek wisdom

I have learned that I must seek wisdom before making any decision. I believe that wisdom comes from the word of God. I want to obey God and avoid avoidable mistakes. I trust that God’s way is always the best way. Following the wisdom in the Bible will keep you from ruining your life.


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