Reflections: A Reminder that We Are Loved Even at Our Lowest Point

A scene of a sunset with trees. The words true love remains even when we are at our lowest point appear in white over the sunset and trees. #love #truelove #truth
Background photo is by Josh Felise from Unsplash via the Canva library

Love, love is that word that is often used but is actually lacking in our society today. The true meaning of love has been twisted into something completely different. People today want to love when everything is good and beautiful, they love when the money is flowing but when the money is gone and the health issues come and the beauty fades so does their love. This is definitely not what love is.

A silhouette of a woman sitting on a peer at sunset. The woman has her head down against her bent knees.
Photo is by sasint from Pixabay

This has led many people to feel lonely and even hopeless because love is growing cold. Today I ask you to not lose hope and to not give up because true love exists.

This is what true love is, and this is according to the word of God, and remember God is love. Love is;

  1. Love is patient. This means that a person who truly has love for others will not get angry at the drop of a hat.
  2. Love is kind. This goes along with being patient with others and being at peace with others. 
  3. Love does not envy others. When a person truly loves others they will be happy for the other person’s success and will not be jealous of them.
  4. Love puts others first. To love someone means to put yourself second and think of others first. A person that truly loves will be humble and will take the blame and go through hardship if that’s what it takes for the other person to be happy

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to learn more about what love is. . I recently heard the song “Even At My Worst” by Blanca and it reminded me of what true love is and that true love can only come from God.

Yes, only God is able to love us even when we are at our worst. He loved us while we were still lost in sin and he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us and all you must do is trust in him and ask him to save you and he will. Read 1 John 4:9-10. He is there ready to forgive. He died on the cross in our place and his blood was enough to cover our sin. He rose to life and is waiting for you to call upon him and ask to be saved.

I hope this song encourages you today and as Valentine’s Day is approaching you are reminded of what true love is and that it comes from God.


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