5 Things Single Women Can Do on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am sure that many of you have been planning fun date ideas to enjoy with your loved one. I hope you all have fun on your dates of course that’s if you celebrate in the first place. In my opinion Valentine’s Day should not be made into a big deal.

What do you do when you are single on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you still want to celebrate this day of love, here are 5 things you can do when you are single on Valentine’s Day.

Bake a treat or buy your favorite chocolate

Set some time on that day to bake your favorite treat. Baking will give you something to focus on so you will stop focusing on the fact that you are single. Bake a cake or a pie or even some brownies. 

I would choose to bake cookies, but your choices are endless. Here are some recipes you can try.

If you do not like to bake then you can buy your favorite chocolate and enjoy a sweet treat while you relax and won’t have to deal with the mess that can come with baking. 

Invite some of your friends who are also single and turn it into a baking party, then you will not be alone and you could even turn it into a virtual zoom baking party. Encourage each other on the fun aspects of being single.

Read a book

This is a good day to curl up and read one of your favorite books. I would suggest staying away from any romance novels if you know it will further remind you of your single status. Read an adventure book and get lost in the story. If you do want to read a romance story I recommend the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke.

Gift yourself flowers

Flowers are not everyone’s favorite gift to receive but they can do a lot to brighten a room and maybe even a sad mood. Take a chance and order yourself some flowers and maybe even write yourself an encouraging note. 

A purple and pink rose
Photo is by bessi from Pixabay

Have a spa day

Take some time to pamper yourself. Take a long shower, defuse some essential oils and relax. I like to use a wax warmer to fill my room with a wonderful scent.

Reflect on the love of God

When you are single it is easy to feel unloved especially on Valentine’s Day but I want to remind you that there is a greater love than any relationship can offer. God loves you so much and you can be and feel complete in his love today. Watch this video to learn more.

Some extra thoughts

I wrote this mainly for women as I am single myself and I think that women struggle more with this. What are things you have done on Valentine’s Day when you were single? Let me know in the comments below.


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