Reflections: Let God into Your Love Story

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The idea of dating and relationships and even marriage may be on your mind now that Valentine’s Day is approaching. I do not have much experience when it comes to relationships but I can point you to the book that has the answer for any season in life and this is the Bible. 

There are a lot of helpful pointers regarding the topic of looking for a husband or wife in the story of Isaac and Rebekah found in Genesis 24, you can read it here.

First, we see that we must involve God in the very important decision of choosing a spouse. It is important to pray about this decision and prepare our heart even before we start searching.

Second, we must make sure that our decision aligns with the word of God. Christians must only marry other Christians. Believers can not have such a close relationship with a non believer, it will never work.

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Third, we must trust God’s timing. I believe that God is in control but we are free to make our own decision. I do believe that God will open a path and will help everything to go smoothly when it is the right time and there will be no roadblocks in that relationship and you will have peace regarding every aspect of it. 

I am not suggesting that you get married the same day you meet but I would say 1 year is a good time period between dating and marriage. Let God lead the way.

I think the lesson here is to let God into your love story. Do not try to go at this search alone. Seek advice from those in your life with prior experience but before that seek God’s advice found in his word, you will not go wrong with that. I am not looking for a relationship. I am single but if I ever meet a godly man I will remember these lessons and apply them to my own life.

I hope this has helped and encouraged you today. Thank you for reading my reflections. Remember, put God first in all things in life. 


4 thoughts on “Reflections: Let God into Your Love Story

  1. I want to say I’m sorry as I often have comments that seem quite negative and pessimistic. It’s often hard to see the positive in things. With that said, I sometimes hear how God didn’t create us to be alone, and yet, it seems some of us are not meant to be with someone. As much as I try to accept this, it hurts in some ways.

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    1. I am 35 years old and it is still hard for me at times. Sometimes I think it is better to be alone but other times I would like to be married. I try to take it one day at a time but i know it is not easy for me as well. I think it is helpful to just focus on what we have today.

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