Reflections: Love Comes in all at Once

Text reads all at once. The background is lightning lighting the night sky
Background image (not including the text) is by Ayu Shakia from Pexels via the Canva library

Today is one of those days where many people focus on love. Valentine’s Day can be fun for many but can be hard for others. Today I want to reach out to those who may feel alone and down on this day. I just want to remind you that God loves you and when you come to him his love never fails.

The love of God will come into your life and make you whole and new all at once.

All at Once (Original Poem)

Text reads all at once. Clouded by a selfish heart
Love slowly fading
Underneath a steady fog
Lives quickly breaking
Now sparks of lightning shine on
To what was once dim
Now you see it all at once
And you let love in  The text is black and the background is gradient shade of blue getting brighter towards the bottom.
Background image (not including the text) is by Snapwire from Pexels via the Canva library

I hope this poem encouraged you today. Check out my spoken word poetry below.


5 thoughts on “Reflections: Love Comes in all at Once

  1. I know I say this often but I want to believe this is true but it is hard. This past week I have felt very angry at God. I know you don’t need to hear this, but I don’t understand if he is there then why doesn’t he actually respond? Because I am tired of hurting in vain. I’m sorry for being so negative.

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    1. I can relate to this. Sometimes I wonder why life is so hard for some and easy for others. The fact is that there is Eternity and death is not the end. This life is actually short compared to Eternity. Heaven and hell are real. Everything will be made right again in the new heaven and earth. Heaven is the good thing we can look ahead to no matter what we face here now. I don’t mind your comments. I hope you feel better. I will be praying for you.

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