My Experience Learning Greek (Part 3)

The Greek alphabet lowercase letters appear in white on a black background.

I have been on a journey to learn Greek for a few years now. I started because I wanted to learn Koine Greek to be able to read the New Testament of the Bible in it’s original language. This is still a goal that I have but I am taking a different path to get there.

I have found it very challenging to learn Koine Greek. I had given up a few times. I watched a documentary called “Going Back to the Greek” and learned that those who were fluent modern Greek speakers were able to read the New Testament in Koine Greek without any trouble.

This knowledge gave me some hope so I decided to learn modern Greek first and then go back to learning Koine Greek. Here is the documentary if you want to watch it.

I started learning modern Greek with Duolingo last October. I use the app version. This has helped me learn so much. I have learned many words so far along with grammar rules. This is not a sponsored post and it is not an affiliate link. I just want to share and recommend this language learning resource because it really works.

You can compete against others as you earn points for completing each level. You also unlock rewards along the way.

These YouTube channels have also been a helpful addition to Duolingo.

I hope that this information is helpful for you. Duolingo has many languages to choose from. I will let you know how I am doing on my journey to learn Greek in a few months. I am having a lot of fun this time around and I do see myself becoming fluent in the future. Are you currently learning a language? Leave your experience in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “My Experience Learning Greek (Part 3)

  1. William Mounce has a decent textbook for beginner Koine. There’s an older book by a guy named Davis (whose first name I forgot) and his is also good. Most Kine teachers are divided up into 5 or 8 case systems so pick your preference I guess. I thought Davis’ 8 case system would get confusing but it was actually helpful in translation.

    Blessings on your language jourey!

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