#AToZChallenge Day 10: Justice

An illustration of a balance scale is in white. The word justice appears in white below the illustration. This is on a black background.
Illustration is by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay via the Canva Library

My theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge is faith and encouragement from a Christian perspective. i hope that these posts will be an encouragement to you during this month. These days times are hard and we all need some encouragement from time to time.


As the world grows more evil each day we see more and more evil acts being committed and there seems to be no justice for the innocent. Yes, things may look grim now but there is hope. God will make all things right again in the end. Judgement will come upon the wicked.

Here is another fact. Satan and his followers will also be judged at the end. They will spend Eternity in the lake of fire as well as every person who rejects God. God is just, and he does not send people to hell. A person sends themself to hell, to the lake of fire by rejecting God.

God is giving every person an opportunity to be saved through his son Jesus Christ.

Remember, everyone will pay for the evil they have done. God offers forgiveness to all those who will come through his son. Those who reject him will get the proper punishment.

A new earth and heaven will be the just reward where all will be made new and right in the end. God is a just God. He is the only true God.

Get on God’s side before it is too late.

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