#AToZChallenge Day 11: Knowledge

The word knowledge appears in white above a white horizontal  line with an arrow on each end. This is on a black background.
(Line graphic is from the Canva Library)

My theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge is faith and encouragement from a Christian point of view. I hope these posts are an encouragement to you. I am addressing these posts to myself as well.


Knowledge is a wonderful thing isn’t it. I am not referring to human knowledge. I am instead referring to God’s knowledge. God’s knowledge surpasses all human knowledge. God knows all things and he cares for each person individually.

God knows you

God knew you before you were born. He formed you while you were in the womb.

God knows when you open your eyes first thing in the morning. He knows when you can not sleep at night.

God knows when you leave your home and when you return.

God knows every thought you think each minute of each day.

Read Psalm 139 here to learn more.

God even knows the number of hairs on your head. Read about it here.

God knows the beginning and the end

God is outside of time. He is everlasting. He knows the end before it comes. Nothing that happens in this world catches God off guard (read Isaiah 46:10 KJV here).

Some extra thoughts

I hope that this helps you to trust God with your life. I am thankful that God cares for me and knows everything about my life. I am thankful that God is in control.

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