#AToZChallenge Day 16: Protection

The word protection appears in black on a background that shows a silhouette of a mountain under a cloudy sky.
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My theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge is faith and encouragement from a Christian perspective. i hope that these posts will be an encouragement to you during this month. These days times are hard and we all need some encouragement from time to time.


Protection is something that everyone wants. I am sure many hope for protection when they go out for the day. There is so much danger out there that we all need protection today. I believe that protection comes from God. 

Yes, protection comes from God but there will be times when that protection will not seem like protection. You see, in this world bad things will still happen to people that are doing the right thing.  


can see this in the life of Job. Job was a godly man yet he lost all of his children and most of his possessions in one day and then lost his health. Now you may say that God did not protect him, but God was with him and he preserved his life and the life of his wife. God allowed him to have more children after all the suffering he went through and he restored his health and possessions.  

Protection also comes when we are saved because we have eternal life forever and we have the promise of heaven no matter what happens to us on this earth now. We are still protected even in death because we will awake in heaven. 

Read Psalm 121 KJV here for some encouragement. I also recommend that you read Psalm 91.

Come under the protection of God today. He is truly a protector.

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