Reflections on the 2022 A to Z Blogging Challenge

The a to Z challenge in April reflection graphic
Image designed by Anjela Curtis

The A to Z Challenge has come to an end. In this final post I want to share some of my thoughts on how the challenge went for me this year. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my posts and I hope you were encouraged.


First, I want to shine a spotlight on some of the blogs i enjoyed reading. I did not get to read as many blogs as I wanted to. This is something i want to improve on in the future.

This year I enjoyed reading posts from the blog Sue’s Trifles. This year Sue focused on Christmas. Read one of her posts titled “Jesus, Joseph and John the Baptist” here.

Another blog I enjoyed reading is called Rishie’s Ramblings. Rishie focused on gratitude. Read one of the posts titled “Poetry” here.

I also enjoyed reading the blog A Multitude of Musings. The main theme was creativity. Read the post “Origami, Card Making and Other Paper Crafts, Oh My!” here.


My theme for this year’s challenge was faith and encouragement from a Christian point of view. I write faith-based posts each Monday so I wanted to make this my theme for at least one of the years i took part in this challenge. This month has been filled with encouraging time in Bible reading and reflecting as i put together each post.

I did get more traffic to my blog. My main goal is to encourage others. I feel my work is worth it if I can encourage even one person. I am thankful to everyone who shares and comments on my posts, I truly appreciate it.

Extra thoughts

I am thankful to the entire team that hosts the A to Z Challenge. I did not take part in the social media chats this year. I do not have any suggestions on improving this Challenge. You can find out more about the challenge and the team here.


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