Reflections: Praising God in the Middle of the Storm

Overcast sky with clouds 
Text reads; I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
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Hard times are unavoidable in this life. We will face a storm at one point or another in life. There is one way that we can be prepared for these hard times and this is to prepare the way that we will react to the storms in life. It is better to prepare your mindset while things are calm instead of getting caught off guard. I have been reflecting on how important it is to worship God at all times, in the good times and in the bad times, when he says yes to my prayers and when he says no to my prayers and when I am in a waiting period.  

I have recently experienced what it means to praise God in the middle of a storm. A family member of mine was awaiting test results regarding a health issue that could have been very serious. In this storm I started to praise God for all he has already done and I completely trusted that he is able to do all things. God gave me such peace in the middle of this storm. I did not demand anything from God, I only asked, trusting he is able to do all things. 

Here is one example of believers choosing to worship God in the middle of hard times. 

Paul and Silas praise God while in prison 

First, read Acts 16:16-24 here to find out why they were thrown in prison and you will see that they did not deserve this treatment at all. 

After all this, they still decided to praise God in the middle of this hard situation. Then, there was an earthquake and the prison shook and the chains were broken and all of the prisoners were set free. The prison guard attempted to end his life thinking all the prisoners had escaped. Paul stopped the guard from ending his life, reassuring him that no prisoner had escaped.   Read Acts 16:25-40 here to get each detail of this account.

Some extra thoughts

Here we see how praising God in the middle of hard times can have an impact that goes beyond the crisis being faced. I hope this will encourage you to praise the Lord in the middle of your next storm.


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Praising God in the Middle of the Storm

  1. I really have a hard time with this. For me, the storm’s never really feel like they end. I don’t feel I have enough faith to pray like you do. Anyway, I hope your family member will be okay.

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