Reflections: The Better Path

A silhouette of a person walking on a mountain under a cloudy sky.
Photo is by StockSnap via Pixabay

Today I want to share a poem I wrote last year inspired by Psalm 1. This Psalm is a good encouragement to choose the better path, to choose what is right. There is a reward for those believers who obey God.

The Better Path (Original Poetry)

Keep me on your path oh God
Let me not go astray 
Keep me steady as a rock
So I won't fall away

Let your words be my treasures
As diamonds in the rough
Let me hold them ever close
For they will never rust 

Let me know when I do wrong
Lead me with truth and love
Walk with me through this strange world
Until I reach your shore

Text is in white on a background of mountains at twilight.
Background image (not including the text) is by Pete Johnson via Pexels from the Canva Library

I hope this poem has encouraged you today, you can read more of my poems here.


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