Reflections: God’s Wonderful Blessings

A scene of a sunset 
Text reads God's wonderful blessings
Photo (not including the text) is by Joshua Thorne from Pexels via the Canva Library

Today I want to share an album that has really been an encouragement to me. The album is called “Hymn of Heaven” it is by Phil Wickham. This entire album is a wonderful reminder of the wonderful blessings of God.

You can listen to the album below.

Jesus Christ did all the work so that who so ever calls on him will be saved. Receive the gift of salvation today.

Believers have the hope of heaven with peace and everlasting life.

There is joy in the presence of the Lord.

God cares for his children even in the fire.

There is freedom in Jesus Christ.

Let us all praise the Lord.

I also recommend the acoustic version of the album. I like it more than the original, you can listen to it below.

I hope these songs will encourage you today. What is your favorite song from the album? What is one of your favorite albums?


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