June Favorites: Podcast Episode, Music, Sermon, Videos and More

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice month of June. I am in the U.S. in the northeast and it is definitely warming up around here. I am starting a new series where I will be sharing my favorite things and moments for each month. Here are some things and moments I enjoyed during june. 


This month I rediscovered an artist that I used to listen to many years ago, her name is Joy Williams. She is a Christian artist but she was also one half of the duo The Civil Wars. I have enjoyed listening to her music again, here is one of her songs that I really like. 

YouTube videos 

I do not watch TV but I do watch youTube videos all the time. I really enjoyed  spending time learning more about the ocean. I once dreamed of being an oceanographer but that is not happening for me. Here are two videos I enjoyed.


I really enjoy listening to the radio show and podcast Radiolab on WNYC Radio. The episode “The War on Our Shore” caught my attention. This episode is for the history fans out there especially regarding the U.S.. I caught this episode at the half way point and it quickly grabbed my attention, you can listen to the episode here.


The following sermon was very encouraging to me, it was about resting in what Jesus Christ has done. We can rest in peace with God the father through Jesus his son.


In June I got to attend a gender reveal. The big secret was revealed with a car releasing blue smoke using gender reveal burnout powder.

Some extra thoughts

These were some of the things I enjoyed in June. I will be adding more categories in the future. I hope that you found this interesting and that you learned something new. What were some of your favorite moments or things in the month of June?


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