Reflections: Facing Dangerous Days

A mountain at dusk
Text reads the Lord is a strong tower
Background image is by Tersius Van Rhyn from Unsplash

When we look at the news headlines these days we find that the world is spinning out of control. There is inflation causing high prices for food and gas. There are viruses going around. There is war and now there is a threat of nuclear war. New York City recently released a public service announcement on what to do if a nuclear strike were to take place. Watch the video below. 

The truth is that things will not get better, the Bible says that in the last days dangerous times will come.   (Read Matthew 24)

We are facing uncertain days where our lives could be turned upside down at any moment. We can not rely on money because it will fail. We can not rely on food security because a food shortage is very likely in the near future. The drought in the u.S. and in several other countries will contribute to all food shortage along with the current conflicts around the world.  

I am not saying this to be negative but we must face the reality that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. The only steady foundation that we can hold on to is God. God sent his son Jesus Christ to save us all from hell. There is a destination after life on this earth, it will be heaven or hell. We all sin and deserve hell. Jesus Christ was crucified and his blood was enough to pay the price that we would have had to pay because he was perfect without sin. This was God’s gift to us all. We receive this gift and escape hell and have eternal life in heaven by trusting in what Jeus has done. He did not remain dead but he rose back to life on the third day and is waiting for you to ask him to save you and for you to receive this gift. 

This gift is the only promise that will not fail. There is no event that can erase this gift, you are eternally secure come what may come. Come hold on to Jesus Christ while you are alive today for time is running out. 

 For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy (Psalm 61:3)


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