Reflections: Pray for the First Responders

Text reads pray for the first responders.
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The 21st anniversary of the September 11th attacks in 2001 is coming up and this has brought the topic of first responders to my mind. First responders are truly selfless people who are willing to put their lives at risk to help others in danger. First responders are willing to run into the unknown to save complete strangers.

Pray for the police officers

I know that police officers have been involved in a lot of injustice in recent years. This issue needs to be fully addressed and the bad apples must face all of the consequences. For all the bad police out there there are still many brave men and woman in blue who do their jobs correctly and truly want to help others.

Police officers run into dangerous situations and are called to make decisions in a split second. I pray that God gives each officer wisdom to do the right thing and that they return home to their families at the end of each shift.

Pray for the firefighters

Firefighters are not afraid to run into a burning building. The thought of climbing up a large number of floors with heavy equipment does not scare them away from danger. The fear of a building collapsing does not stop them.

I pray that God gives them strength and wisdom and that they come home safely and save those in danger.

Pray for those in the emergency medical services field (EMS)

Those in the emergency medical services field (EMS) have a hard job. This field may not be as dangerous as it is in police work or in firefighting but it is still a challenging field. The pandemic has increased the dangers these medical workers face.

I pray for those in the EMS field. I pray that they would be protected from unseen dangers out in the field. I pray that they return safely home to their loved ones.

Some extra thoughts

I just want to thank every first responder out there for all that you do. You are not unseen. I am praying for you each day and night.


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