Spotlight: Braille Embossed Jewelry and Accessories | Elegant Insights

White text on a black background. Text reads spotlight elegant insights braille embossed jewelry  and accessories

Jewelry and accessories are excellent gift ideas for Christmas or for a birthday or for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Here is a tip that I am sure you already know, these gifts are even better when they have that extra special touch in the form of personalization.

Today I want to spotlight a business where you will find jewelry and accessories with that personal touch for the people in your life who can read braille, or maybe even for yourself.

Elegant Insights offers braille embossed jewelry and accessories with options to add a custom personal message in braille, you can learn more about Elegant Insights here.

This post is not sponsored by Elegant Insights.

Here is a glimpse of what they offer.



Some extra thoughts

Elegant Insights offers something for everyone. There is something for every occasion. They also offer a subscription box, you can learn more here.

Let me know if you get an item from Elegant Insights. I got a cane charm for my white cane years ago, it was a circle with the word truth embossed in braille. I will be getting some more accessories for myself in the future. I hope this gives you some gift ideas for those who are visually impaired for the holidays.


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