Has Being Disabled Caused Me to be Angry at God?

White text on a dark background. Text reads  Don't pray for me to be healed.

Instead, pray for society's views on people with disabilities to change.

If God is so good why do bad things happen? Why are there so many people with disabilities? Why does God not heal every person with a disability? You may have heard these questions before or have even asked yourself these questions.

Here are my thoughts from a Christian viewpoint.

Am I angry at God because I have a disability? 

Some people may ask me if I blame God for my vision impairment. The truth is that I do not blame God for my disability.  

I do believe that God created me but we are born into a fallen and therefore imperfect world. I was born three months early and as a result the blood vessels in my eyes did not develop correctly and the extra oxygen I was given also impacted my eyes resulting in vision loss. I am totally blind in my right eye and have limited vision in my left eye. 

A disability does not only start at birth, it can happen at any stage of a person’s life. I believe that God has a purpose for all things and allows things to happen for a reason.  

The story of Job found in the Bible is encouraging to me. He was a healthy and wealthy man who lost his children, wealth and health but he never blamed or got angry at God.  

Am I angry at God for not healing me? 

When you read the end of the book of Job you will find that God healed him and restored all he lost. I am still visually impaired, I have not been healed but I am not angry at God. I have prayed for healing because I believe that God is able to heal and I have experienced this in others and in myself before. 

I believe that God knows what is best and that he has a purpose for everything. God is not a genie with a magic lamp that grants wishes on demand.  

A new perspective on disability 

I think that society needs to look at disability with a new perspective. The new perspective should be that people with disabilities are not broken. A disability can actually be a blessing and a gift from God.  

Some extra thoughts 

I just want to add one thing, please do not stop me and ask to pray for me. I do appreciate prayer as a Christian but I am not looking to be healed or fixed. If you want to pray for something, pray that society changes its views on people with disabilities. Pray that society will be more open and inclusive and accepting and give us a real opportunity to contribute our gifts.  


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