October 2022 Favorites: Bedware, Music, Food, Sermon and More

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I hope that you have enjoyed your October. I know there are a few days left but as October comes to an end I want to share some of the things and moments I enjoyed during this month.

Favorite sermon of the month

I tuned into some interesting sermons this month especially in the book of Hebrews but the sermon I want to highlight was on the danger of modern technology when it comes to the internet. The internet offers good information but it is also filled with danger. I am thankful God helped me hear this warning, you can listen to the sermon below.


I recently learned about the mattress brand called Sealy. I was so thankful to learn about this brand because it has made my life easier. I don’t have their mattress yet but I want to get one in the future. I did recently get their mattress protector and it has been so helpful for me. I used to have a mattress protector that was made out of plastic and had a zipper. I would have to get assistance to lift the mattress to be able to put on the protector. The mattress protector by Sealy is 100 times better. It comes in the form of a fitted sheet so it does not take any effort to put it on the mattress and it will not RIP after a few weeks as the plastic one did for me. The protector by Sealy is waterproof and it is very comfortable under the regular sheets, it blends right in.

This post is not sponsored by Sealy. I just want to share this great product. If you want to take a look at the Sealy mattress protector you can go here.


I recently heard the song “Psalm 23” by Phil Wickham, it is a short clip but I like it a lot.


I had the salmon salad at a restaurant in the Bronx in New York called Travesias. The salmon and salad were excellent, it was the first time I had pineapple in a salad.

I did not take a picture of my plate but you will just have to take my word for it.


This month I went to a brunch to celebrate my cousin’s baby shower. I also went to a farm with my parents and my sister and her family. The farm had a pumpkin patch and a playground for kids. I did get to enjoy an apple cider donut and some chips which I rarely eat anymore.

I am a big baseball and I love October baseball. I am a big Yankees fan and unfortunately they did not make it to the World Series this season but i had fun listening to the playoff games.

Some extra thoughts

These were some of my favorite things and moments this month. I am a Christian so I don’t celebrate Halloween. What were some of your favorite things and moments this month?


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