Reaction to “Planes, Trains, and Canes” (Season 1 Ep 1)

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Planes Trains and Canes is a mini documentary series by blind scientist and bioengineering professor Mona Minkara. In this series she documents her experiences as she travels independently to various countries.

I found this documentary very informative and a great real life picture of what it is like to travel as a person who is blind. I will be sharing my reaction to each episode during the next several weeks.

In the first episode she travels from Boston to Johannesburg.

One of the first things that jumped out to me was the excellent audio description. A person who is blind or visually impaired will know exactly what is going on in the video. I also appreciate that Mona gives her own tips for getting around independently. She has someone along side her for filming purposes but she rarely relies on them for directions.

I like how that flight attended was very descriptive on the flight from Boston to Atlanta.

In her flight to Johannesburg she highlights some accessibility issues when interacting with a touch screen but the flight attendant is very helpful and offers a solution that still let’s her remain independent.

It is also interesting to see her interactions with people along her way through airports and train stations. People are still willing to help out there and that has been my experience when out and about as well.

There are always those that are hesitant to help or that may not know what the white cane is for especially in other countries but Mona is great at advocating for herself and speaking up when she needs help.

I enjoyed this episode over all. She encourages me to get out there and try new things and go on adventures. Watch the entire episode to see all the fun adventures.

You can read my reaction to the rest of the episodes here.


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