5 Breakfast Ideas to Try this Fall

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Fall is a wonderful season. It comes along with beautiful colors in nature and beautiful colors in the food on your plate. Thanksgiving dinner may be in the front of your mind when it comes to a fall meal, but the fall season can be filled with a variety of meals all season. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Here is a roundup of 5 breakfast ideas to try this fall.

Breakfast ideas for the fall season


Pumpkin spice seems to be everywhere during the fall season. Here is a recipe for pumpkin spice oatmeal.


Muffins are always a fun treat for breakfast. You have most likely heard of apple cider donuts, but this time you can try apple cider muffins.


Waffles are great in any season but a warm and fluffy waffle seems to fit the cozy fall season. Here is an extra tip, peanut butter is a great choice to add to waffles. You should try cinnamon apple waffles.


If you don’t mind having something cold for breakfast then you will enjoy a yogurt parfait. Try this highly customizable granola, fruit and yogurt parfait.


Pancakes are a classic breakfast meal but here comes the pumpkin again. Here is a recipe for pumpkin pancakes.

Breakfast beverages for the fall season

Every delicious breakfast should be accompanied by a good beverage. Here are some hot beverages to add to your breakfast on those cool crisp fall mornings.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is definitely one of the best autumn beverages. Try this salted caramel hot chocolate.


Tea is always great to have in the morning. Try this cinnamon apple ginger tea.

Apple cider

When you think of the autumn season you probably think of apple cider. Here is a recipe for this wonderful beverage.

Some extra thoughts

I hope these ideas for breakfast meals are helpful and that you found a new meal to try out. What is your favorite meal to eat for breakfast during the fall season? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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