Reflections: 10 Reasons to Thank God Today

A silhouette of a woman with her arms open wide staring at a sunrise.
Image is by JillWellington from Pixabay

Do you ever take the time to stop and reflect on everything that God has provided for you? 

Thanksgiving day is approaching in the United States. This is a day to gather with loved ones and give thanks for the blessings that came during the year. You can read about the history of Thanksgiving Day here.

It is good to take a moment out of our busy lives and take time to thank God for all the blessings we have received. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful to God.

1. Creation

God has freely given us all this entire world. We have free oxygen and free water. We have the warmth of the sunlight and the shade from the clouds. We have the beautiful landscapes from oceans to mountains and everything in between. We have the ability to grow food.

We have been given a brain, soul and body. The brain is such a complex and amazing part of our body. Yes, our body is not perfect and since we live in a fallen world it never will be but it is still a miracle. 

2. Salvation

Creation started out perfect but the perfect state was destroyed by sin when Eve and Adam disobeyed God. God knew this would happen because no human was ever going to be perfect that he gave his only son to save us. None of us are perfect and the punishment we deserve is hell. God sent his only son Jesus Christ to save us. 

Jesus took on flesh and came to earth and lived as one of us from newborn to adult. He experienced everything that we experience each day but the difference is that he did not sin, he was perfect. Because he was perfect he was able to be a perfect sacrifice and take our place. He was crucified on the cross and took on our sins. In God’s law a lamb or other animal had to be killed in order to have a sin forgiven, the blood covered a person’s sin. Jesus Christ was that lamb for us all to cover all our sins. Forgiveness which is also salvation is available to anyone who puts their trust on Jesus Christ and gets covered by him. He did all the work on the cross and on the third day God the father raised him from the dead, he is alive today waiting for you to ask to be covered. Call out to Jesus today.

3. Forgiveness 

Salvation equals forgiveness. When you are forgiven you are free from the burden of guilt. You do not have to carry it anymore, just lay it down and look to Jesus Christ. You can live in peace now. 

4. Friendship

When you are saved you become a friend of God, you can come boldly to God and speak your mind and be honest. Friendships end on this earth but a friendship with God will not end. 

5. Love

This is not just any kind of love. This love is the kind of love that you will never find on this earth. God sent his only son to die for people who did not deserve it. None of us deserved this gift of salvation. Would you do this for someone? 

6. Warnings

We should all be thankful that God has given us warnings and has given us time to be saved. We have been warned about hell that it is a real  of everlasting flames where the torture will not end. We have been told how to be saved from going to hell, it is by trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation. We have been warned that judgment is coming, read the book of Revelations.

7. A new start

Have you ever wanted to have a do over in life and have your past completely erased? Well when you put your trust in Jesus you are born again and you have a new identity in Christ. You are made new. 

8. Eternal life

When you are saved you are guaranteed everlasting life in peace and in joy in the new heaven and earth. This is even better than winning the power ball lottery.

9. Security

Nothing is secure in this world but we have full security in Jesus Christ. Once a person is saved they are saved forever, they can never lose their salvation. Come to Jesus Christ and rest in this security.

10. A new heaven and earth

God’s creation was perfect until it was broken by sin but it will be perfect again. Everyone who is saved has the hope of being in God’s perfect creation once again. There will be a new earth and a new heaven one day where pain and sorrow and sin will not have a place. Everything will be made right again.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that this will encourage you today and that it will help you to reflect and give thanks to God. I am thankful for all God has done. 


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