Reaction to “Planes, Trains, and Canes” (Season 1 Ep 2)

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In the second episode Mona makes her way to London.

The first thing that jumps out at me in this episode is the way that blind or visually impaired people are perceived by the sighted. We are seen as helpless many times. People assume that we can’t be independent. Mona has someone with her for filming purposes but not for assistance yet people will usually assume the opposite. Everyone sighted or not will need directions once in a while, the act of asking for directions does not make a person helpless.

This misconception is even more evident by the way Mona is treated by staff in the London train station. It is interesting to see how they almost force a person with a disability to use the assistance. This only furthers the assumption that assistance is always needed and that people with a disability are not independent. I am glad that she was allowed to continue on her own but there is still a lot of educating that needs to be done on this issue.

I enjoyed this episode and having the chance to explore London with great audio description. The important point to take from this is to stop assuming that a blind or visually impaired person always automatically needs help. Give them that freedom to ask if they need it.

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