Reflections: Life Lessons from Proverbs Chapter 4

The word wisdom appears in gold. There is an illustration of a gold gift box below the text. The background is black.
Illustration is from the Canva Library

Advice is something that everyone is searching for. There are many popular advice columns and YouTube channels out there on various topics. It is important to seek advice because it can save you from making many mistakes. There is something to be considered when searching for advice, and this is to be ware of who and where you get the advice. I believe that the best place to find advice is in the word of God. One book that has advice for all aspects of life is the book of Proverbs. here are some life lessons from Proverbs chapter 4. You can read the chapter here. 

1. Obey your parents 

This chapter explains how important it is to receive instructions from parents. The father should play a large role in instructing his child, it should not just be left to the mother. I know that in today’s society many children are growing up without a father to guide them through those important years as they grow. This is contributing to the destruction of society. A family needs to be led by a strong and wise father and mother. Those who have experienced life before us have gained wisdom from what they have faced, we should not discard their wisdom. 

2. Avoid the evil path 

It is easy to look at those in a gang or those getting fast oney from illegal activities and think they have an easy life. Te truth is that when you look behind the scenes you will find that it is a sad life. This life is filled with pain and fear of getting caught. This life will never bring peace. The money will quickly disappear, the friends will run and prison will be the home you find.  

3. Guard your heart

The heart is an interesting part of the body. The heart can be impacted by emotions. We have to be careful of how we handle our lives. What are we letting into our mind? What and who shapes our values? These are important questions to ask.

4. Speaking the right thing

Words are powerful. You can be defined by the words you speak. It is important to beware of what we say and to reflect on how the words we write or speak will impact others. Words can harm and words can heal.

5. Stay on the better path

It is worth it to stay on the correct path. It will be hard and lonely at times along the way but the benefits are worth all the hard days. Take the long way if it is the right way. Keep running this race through life, take one step at a time.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you will take some time to read Proverbs chapter 4. I hope that you found some helpful advice gems today. You can read the previous posts in this series here.


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