Reflections: Being Grateful for the Hard Days

Brown crumpled paper. Text reads be thankful for the good and bad days
Image (not including the text) is by Canva Creative Studio via the Canva Library

Would you ever be thankful for a bad day? What if the bad thing that happened was actually a blessing in disguise? 

Maybe you got laid off from a job or did not get the promotion you were aiming for. You can be thankful that you have unemployment benefits. You should be thankful that not getting that promotion has saved you from entering a very stressful job situation. You should look at this as an opportunity to find a more suitable job, this could even lead you to become self-employed.

God is with his children, meaning believers, whatever may come. 

You and I will face bad days but having an attitude of Gratitude will make all the difference. We can use our experiences to be an encouragement to others.

The hard days in our lives are there to remind us to look to God. We can not make it through on our own. This life will have highs but there will also be lows. We should be thankful for the lows because the hard and sad days help us to appreciate the bright days. 

The bad days are there to keep us humble and without sorrow we would not know joy.

I wrote a poem that relates to this called “Grateful for Blue Days”. When we go through hard times we learn to appreciate the good days and not take it for granted. Here is the spoken word version of the poem.

I hope that this short devotional has encouraged you today. I hope you all in the U.S. have a great Thanksgiving. You can read more devotionals here.


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Being Grateful for the Hard Days

  1. It is hard trying to be grateful. For me at least. I’m not a fan of the holidays for various reasons. But I’m trying to appreciate that things are at least okay. Five years ago around this time was not okay and I felt very hopeless more so than now. So I am at least grateful things are not that bad like that.

    Thank you for sharing this and I’m sorry for not reading all of your blogs or get a chance to watch all of your videos.

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