Reflections: Life Lessons from Proverbs Chapter 5

The word wisdom appears in gold. There is an illustration of a gold gift box below the text. The background is black.
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The start of the new year also comes with resolutions for many people. One popular resolution is to find love in the new year. The search for love is so popular that yesterday was National Dating Day.

Whether you are looking to be in a relationship or are already married the book of Proverbs has helpful advice for this area of life. Proverbs chapter 5 is one chapter that discusses romantic relationships. This chapter is for those who are already married.

1. The road to cheating in a marriage starts with flattery

Flattery can deceive you into doing things you would not usually do. Everyone likes to hear compliments but beware of those compliments that go over the top. Men and women both use this tactic to get what they want and for the other person to fall into their trap.

It is very easy to fall for the sweet compliments from a new friend. This can lead to the destruction of a marriage.

2. Consequences of cheating

When a person chooses to cheat in a marriage there are a lot of consequences that follow. The foundation is destroyed, all the work that was put in is for nothing.

When you cheat in a marriage you are trading a gift of gold for a piece of trash. You are most likely wasting money and it is on someone who does not care about you because they only care about themselves. This does not only impact you but your wife and children if you have them. You will never have a happy ending living that way.

3. How to avoid cheating in marriage

Proverbs has great advice on how to avoid cheating in marriage. The main advice is to stay close to each other and keep that flame of physical attraction alive, do not go looking for it somewhere else.

Some extra thoughts

If you are married I encourage to read chapter 5 from beginning to end. I hope this short discussion will help your marriage.

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I hope you enjoyed this short devotional.


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