Updates, Goals and Word of the Year

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Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great start to 2023. I hope that last year went well for you as well. Now that this year has begun I would like to share some personal updates and goals as well as my word for this year.


Greek lessons

My journey to learn Greek is going very well. I have been using an app called Duolingo for over a year now and I am learning so many new words and making great progress. I can say that I know enough to order a meal at a restaurant in Greece. I am excited to continue learning more and I would love to visit Greece one day so that I can really practice my Greek. 


I am still writing poetry and will continue to share my poems on this blog but I have decided to close my poetry site. I can not afford to pay for it at this time. I will still have my poetry channel on YoutTube and my poetry page on Instagram.



This year I want to read the Bible from beginning to end and really focus more on prayer. I want to spend more time singing worship songs and I hope to find a church to attend in person. 

Goals for this blog

This year I really hope to post consistently on this blog, I would like to post three posts each week. I have a goal of turning this blog into a small business. I just want to say that if I ever recommend an affiliate product or share a sponsored post on a product it is because I have personally used the product and I believe it will be helpful for others. 

Thank you for your support in helping me to one day turn this blog into a business.

Freelance writing for magazines

This year I really want to focus on freelance writing. I would like to have an article published in a magazine whether online or in print. I want to write in the faith, disability and lifestyle fields and possibly the history field.


This year I want to be more consistent in my exercise routine. I have also added in strength training. I find that exercise really helps me in many ways from my mood to my energy.

Word of the year

This is the first time I am choosing a word of the year but I think it will be interesting. The word I have chosen for this year is peace. There is so much chaos in this world but I believe only God brings true peace.

Some extra thoughts

What are some of your updates and goals? Do you have a word of the year? share them in the comments below.


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