Reflections: Life Lessons from Proverbs Chapter 6

The word wisdom appears in gold. There is an illustration of a gold gift box below the text. The background is black.
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The book of proverbs is one of the best guides for every situation that you will face in life. Here are some life lessons I have learned from Proverbs chapter 6. 

Do not fall into debt

Today the ease of obtaining a credit card has made it even easier for more people to fall into debt and fall into a deep hole they can not get out of. Credit cards can be a trap for many people. Credit is necessary in our society today but I would say that the best way to use a credit card is to only use it to purchase something if you know you can pay the bill as soon as possible. interest will rob you of your hard earned money. 

Work hard and take a lesson from the ant

Now I am sure that you wish that money just grew on trees and that you could have everything you needed. I wish for the same thing but unfortunately that is not a reality yet. 

This concept of working hard goes beyond having a job, it applies in all aspects of life. You should work hard wherever you are in life; work hard on that essay for school, work hard on chores at home, work hard at building relationships, work hard at improving yourself.

Stay off of the evil path

First, Be careful not to be filled with pride. Those who are proud are on a path to destruction.

Second, try to be honest no matter how hard it is, lying will only end in destruction of all you built.

Third, stay away from violence. Violence never resolves anything.

Fourth, do not be that person who breaks up friendships.

Be faithful in relationships

To those who are married you must be faithful to your husband or wife. Be aware of the flattering comments from someone who wants to destroy your marriage, it will never be worth it. 

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you have learned some helpful life lessons from this chapter of Proverbs. You can find more short Christian devotionals here.


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