Spotlight: Sensei for All – Making Spaces Accessible for the Visually Impaired

The word accessibility appears in white under a graphic of a large white arrow pointing forward. The background is black.

Learning a new layout of an indoor space can be challenging for a person who is blind or has low vision. Having the proper signs is very important to ensure that a space is inclusive and accessible to everyone. 

Most people may be used to seeing braille and large print signs around on elevators, bathrooms and hotel rooms but this still excludes some people. There are many people who are blind or have low vision who do not read braille or are not able to read braille due to other reasons. 

Today I want to spotlight a product called Sensei for All. This product provides an alternative to braille or large print when it comes to accessible signs. 

Sensei for All

This product is an affordable low tech solution to make any indoor space accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. This is an alternative to braille as they are tactile symbols that you can stick on to any wall. There are unique symbols to represent bathrooms, elevators, exit signs and more. This would be a great solution for schools and hospitals and other similar spaces. 

The tactile symbols can be used by anyone even if they do not read braille. For example there is an embossed wavy pattern to represent a bathroom and an embossed arrow to represent an elevator.

Some extra thoughts

I believe that the use of these universal tactile symbols will make spaces even more inclusive and accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. I think that these symbols should be adopted worldwide.

This post is not sponsored by Sensei for All.


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