How to Make Money from Home Selling Unwanted Items

Clothes on a black metal rack with shoes underneath.
Photo is by Ron Lach from Pexels

The way the economy is these days it is becoming more important to have multiple income streams. I recently came across a news story regarding the high cost of living in the New York City area that said there are many people that can not make ends meet even with a full-time job. The rise of inflation has made everything more expensive and it is important to have extra money on hand in case of any emergency. 

Today I want to share several websites and apps where you can make some extra money from home by selling items that you no longer want.

Before I share the places I want to remind you of some important information.

• You will have to pay taxes on any extra income that you make that is above the threshold income limit.

• You will need to provide your own packing materials.

• You will need access to a printer to print out address labels which most of the sites below will provide for you.

Here are some places where you can sell your unwanted items to make some extra money.

This post is not sponsored by any of the following sites.


Mercari is a site where you can sell almost anything from clothing to electronics.


Poshmark is a great place to sell anything from fashion to home decor to beauty.


Depop is a site where you can sell clothing that you no longer wear.


thredUP works a little differently than the sites listed above. The company will send you a bag to fill with your unwanted clothing and you earn money when your items are sold in their shop.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that this will be helpful for you all. Purchasing from these sites is a good to save money as you can often find items at lower prices. Have you sold any items on these sites? Share your experience below.


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