Hello everyone, thank you for coming by. On this blog I discuss faith, disability and various lifestyle topics. .


I share reflections from a Christian perspective. I hope these short inspirational Christian devotionals will encourage you.


I share disability related posts mainly focusing on the visually impaired community and on my personal experiences as a visually impaired woman.


I share posts on various lifestyle topics including food and drink, health and wellness, personal growth and money. I also give you a glimpse into my personal life along the way. I share my favorite things and moments and life stories. I also share book reviews from time to time.

About Me

A photo of me. My black hair is down and goes to my shoulders. I am wearing thick glasses with a high prescription. I have a white shirt on.

I am 36 years old. I am a New York Yankees fan. I enjoy writing poetry and loom knitting. If you like poetry you can find my Original poetry here.

I created this blog to share my story and as a way to encourage others that are going through life with a disability.

I hope that this blog will be encouraging to you on your journey through life.

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